05 Jun

Karl Marx in a common name in the world of philosophy and the scholarly world. He was actually a philosopher, political theorist, and socialist revolutionary that lived in the 19th century. Karl Marx became popular because of the various critical theories that he came up with. Most of the critical theories he is known to have been associated with Karl Marx are known to revolve around politics, society, and economics which were understood as Marxism theories. There are many theories associated with Karl Marx, and some of them include primitive accumulative theory and democratic socialism theory. There are many scholars that have published books with information about Karl Marx’s theories. According to Karl Marx, democracy socialism implies an organization that has common ownership. This theory clearly differs from that of primitive accumulation that mainly involved various classes in terms of income. The primitive theory of accumulation mainly applies in capitalist countries, unlike democratic socialism which applies in communist countries. According to Karl Marx, democratic socialism is classless and stateless. The citizens get a chance to enjoy vast democratic freedom. According to Karl Marx in this theory, common ownership came in terms of means of production. The means of production was actively participated in by both employers and employees, that is, both the rich and the poor. In the case of primitive accumulation theory, it can be clearly seen that it is the lower-class people that do huge labor while the rich people do less work. According to Karl Marx, democracy socialism also involved unrestricted movement. 

Democracy socialism theory developed by Karl Marx has been known to come with several benefits and advantages to countries that emulate it. The following are some of the top benefits associated with democracy socialism carl marx theory. The first reason why democratic socialism is good is that it allows all the citizens get equal rights. This does not happen in many capitalist countries where it is only the rich that enjoy certain privileges that the poor can’t access. A good example is the quality of healthcare and education. In many of the capitalist countries, the high cost of quality education and healthcare only accommodates the rich. It is because of such reasons that there end up being classes or distinctions between people. According to democratic socialism, all people have equal rights to access education and healthcare for their needs. The other reason why democratic socialism is crucial is that it promotes peace. 

The availability of classes in terms of income promotes poverty, unfairness, and injustice which in turn results in increased crime rates. The imbalance of wealth and earnings make the poor people engage in criminal activities like theft. In communist countries, citizens enjoy fairness as there is no discrimination in the form of race, color, age, gender, or any other ethnicity. The other reason the benefit of democratic socialism is that it enhances the production and growth of the economy. The common ownership of the product means encourages everyone to play his part in the progress of the country. There is also the eradication of monopolies in corporations.

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